Fresh Margherita Pizza

Why You Deserve Better Pizza

If there is one thing that Stonebaked Pizza Co stands for, let it be this – that we believe that high street pizza should be better.

For too long, we have settled for pizza priced in such a way that discount codes and social media faffing are required to get them down to the price they should be, the price they are actually worth.

But not only that, as a nation we have settled for pizza that, well, just isn’t good enough in our opinion. Bases that are doughy, dense and greasy – sometimes injected with tasteless cheese or nondescript tomato sauces to try and liven them up. Toppings that are doled out sparingly, or that lack the freshness and impact you might expect.

We’re not wanting to sling mud and name names, and we may have exaggerated and gotten a little carried away on a few things, if we’re honest. We think you deserve better, that’s all. It’s not a wild concept or a table-turning revolution – it’s the way things should be.

We want you to be able to have exactly what you want for one standard price. It’s an ethos that even extends to creating your own Stonebaked pizza – you can have as many toppings as you like, even to the point where our light, airy crust is bowing under the strain of it all!

Our ingredients are fresh – both in the traditional sense and in the sense that they are cut and prepared right in front of you. It’s all too easy to just say that, of course, so we’re beavering away on a number of blog posts to follow this one that will delve deeper into what makes our ingredients so great.

We want fast, fresh pizza to become as viable an option as sandwiches, soups or burgers as a reliable, tasty option for any time of the day – whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can eat in the cool, contemporary surroundings of our restaurant, or take it out and eat wherever you want – whichever option you go for, the pizza still takes only 180 seconds to cook, and that’s a worst case scenario. We don’t charge more for eating in or taking out – when we say one standard price, we really mean it.

It’s a modest goal but one that is absolutely within our grasp. We can all get behind the cause of better pizza for all, can’t we?

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